Tuesday, September 23, 2014

May be as we grow, we start keeping things in-side

There’s so much you carry I ask; thoughts, wishes, desires, worries and despair. Despair, of the past gone by and cloaked in that, worry about the future that is yet to come. I ask, isn’t it possible to be mindful? “Ha! Really? Mindfull?” I hear. Things are never too complex as we make them to be. Then there are times, when she wishes to empty her mind, if only pensieve was an option. Sigh… in this era that may not be a possibility. Beautiful things are often hard to get, like that is meditation.  I asked her if she ever had a moment where her thoughts disturbed her to lengths that formed strings of droplets, only to fall through her cheek? She remained silent. I got my answer.
I read somewhere that true love enables people to overcome any fear. But, what happens when thoughts reign and kill the peace. Yes, thoughts. They are the sole reason for how the human species magnifies and falls at the same time. They are the tornado and the volcanoes, which when erupts, leaves their presence, at times for the world to see. On other occasions all that is left is a rainstorm in one’s eyes.
In- side is a vast space to live in. She recently shifted her residence to that place. There are not many neighbors out there in the locality. Those present, are busy making art in their caves. Her cave has many openings. One door leads to another and before she knows it, she is entrapped in a maze of her own. Some true people know her whereabouts. Only some. In-side she is finding many unchartered territories. There are some islands and oceans, names of which don’t exist. Names are not too much of an importance as much as the experience of being in that place is. There is this one spot where a newcomer friend drops by to say a “hello” and bring a smile at her face, even if it’s for seconds to pass. Then, there is a spot which she is struggling to put her feet into. It’s an archipelago. There is Confusion, doubt and indecisiveness circled amidst hotwinds of criticism, disappointment and fear. Her feet are yet a few inches away from the sand there. However, the boat of hope and belief continues to be her guiding light. There have been times, when the underwater beckons her grief. Those days, like a sleep walker she rides the deep pit, not distinguishing whether out-side is better than the in-side. Some places take time to explore. I know her as a traveller. I know she is blessed.

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