Sunday, July 7, 2013

A million travels in a single day

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If books were to be written on life, there would be never ending volumes and many a revised editions. You know why, so don’t ask. I remember this quote ‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’. Indeed. You remember she had a piggy bank she would add money to every time? That piggy bank got transformed all of a sudden. It morphed its boundaries, contours, shape, form and most importantly the content. There are value- able assets and lessons added to it every single moment of her life. Seconds at times seem like eternity, like getting dissociated from your body in that split second which gives you a high. And as you come back in your body with the same soul that always belonged to you, you still stay in that dis- associated moment of thrill, awe and magnanimity.

‘ I’m magnanimous, I’m Agni, I’m Hermes’ said a voice to him. That ball of fire resides in all of us. Many a voices try to extinguish it. If you have never felt that extinguisher blast out on you ever before then the voices can really bog you down. Imagine splitting yourself in to two pieces, where one hears voices he believes in and the other part just smirks and feels pity, for he knows that all you hear is medically termed as ‘auditory hallucinations’.

Split Personality Disorder it was once called. Is it a disorder really? Don’t we all experience splits of different kinds? ‘Reality’, now that is one fantastic word, I say. Who decides what reality is? Is it static or dynamic? Your reality, your world is any way in all the possible ways different from mine, so who gives the authority to Clinicians to decide what is real and unreal. Philosophical, isn’t it? Are ‘unrealistic’ or so called ‘ab- normal’ minds always crippled? Are geniuses always the ones who are fantastically brilliant? NO! The phenomena of splitting oneself from the reality narrate many a stories. The family, the people, the environment, in short the psycho- social dynamics speak through it. The unspoken pain, tears, the harassment, subjugation, whipping, throwing. It’s like a dream within a dream. You peel one layer; other emerges, until you reach deep down only to find there is nothing, yet every thing!  

The tryst with that journey has begun. A million travels beckon every single moment of the day……

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