Friday, November 9, 2012

The Rum (n) of Life

The chocolate in my mouth is velvety. As I took a bite, a gooey caramel accentuated the flavors almost flowing like a rapid and churning out the best. Ah! The velvet tastes like rum or some alcohol which I’m not aware of.
My words have been missing me and so has my blog. Yet, not one moment goes by when I think of the times when this blogspace was an active space. Ah! ‘Priorities’ lits up a part of my mind! “ I know, I know” I say, yet this life is to be lived once and I wish to live it my way!
All roads lead to one goal, that which is a dream of mine. For now, that’s all I wish to see. Yes, I’m here already. Amidst the warm bright sun and chilly winter days! Knowledge beckons me to walk ahead and not look back. Having conquered many hearts and made many impressions, there are few more to be made, for my own good!

The rose petals in my urli tell me to become a fragrance that people miss when it’s not around.
The sunshine adjures me to be determined and spread my shine in a place that shall become my haven in few months.

When we have gold coins which we have earned through our efforts, we need to spend them too, right? And since they are not bronze, not silver but gold coins, they need to be spent very wisely. The time has come that gold coins along with certain jumps and wisdom take me to the shore I long for.
Do you have a few rum chocolates which you could gift me? Well, that’s the best way I can have alcohol you see! They’ll give me that chocolaty velvety high. Ah! No qualms from my end if you don’t have them, rather if you ate them all! The finishing line beckons me to run…..

Miles to go before I finish……Yet the rum(n) is FUN!

" I may not be there yet but I'm closer than yesterday" 


Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

Visiting your blog after a really long time.. It lit me up!

Thanks for being a wonderful writer.

Aakriti said...

Ah.....Gone are the days when I would see bloggers flock at my blog..A comment from you brings a smile.. And look who is being modest? here..hmm? Saumya. I'm just a writer.. the "wonderful' bit goes out to you:)
thanks for coming by!

P.S.: My blog misses me too...

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