Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When he slept and I looked on........

It’s a lazy morning today. And the sun yawns along with me. He knows that we both need a warm blanket to sleep a little longer. I struggle to get out of my warm blanket. “Yes, darling I’m out of my bed. See there in the corner, my sheets, blanket and pillow are all folded and stacked nicely. But you, honey, don’t feel like getting up today morn.Hmm?” I look up at you, nudging you with my smile, and I whisper from my heart to yours “Won’t you wake up today? It’s late!” I don’t hear a response. His head has popped out from the blanket, yet it’s not the usual shiny bright. I wonder “Is he feeling weak by any chance? Well, seems like that to me!” I eat my breakfast even before brushing my teeth today. His life and wife entices me and I’m comfortably sat on my study chair with the book in my hand lost in a world that was painted by her but now mine to admire in awe. I smile, I live, them.
Sigh. I should bathe now. “It’s mid- day dear and you are still sleeping?” The blankets now have warmed him well just like a puppy snugs in the fur of his mother. I smile to myself. “Alright, sleep all you want to today. But remember even as you sleep I miss you!”
“I don’t know I just am”.  We stare at each other and then Clare smiles and I shrug, and that’s that. But why does it seem as though something impossible almost happened? Why do I feel so relieved?
Perhaps this is one of those days when I smile my widest smile in the mirror knowing a dream, is budding safely and lovingly in its cocoon. As I hung my wet towel on the stand today, there flew a beeg black butterfly, with tiny turquoise dots which she adorned on her wings. She was not the usual shape like the others. She was unique. Perhaps she too knew I didn’t like clichéd things. She came there just for me. Delighted like a kid, I smiled all to myself.
I know my butterfly will be unique. When she’ll fly, she’ll spread her gorgeous wings in all her splendor  She’ll fly with all her might!
As you are still asleep, I wait for you to awake. There is this air, green grass and blue sky we need to paint on our wall. Remember?

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