Friday, October 7, 2011

Ladder of Life

This poem has been written after seeing the thoughts that got triggered after seeing this picture whose  Copyright is with  ~ Jaskirat Arora:) Thank you dear!

A broken ladder,
A steps a missed,
A supporting wall of a weaker frame/,
The gaps in there,
The gaps within,
As people leave, without saying,
Few are missed, others jumped over,
This ladder of life rickety and lump,
Some ways to reach,
Other too distant,
And some ties of cloth,
That hold our bonds..

This ladder of life,
Mended and broken,
This ladder of life,
Weak yet strong.


Rahul said...

Good one!!Could be better tho...:-)

Aakriti said...

Thank you Rahul for ur honest feedback. You know there are these moments in ur life, when you don't care how you spoke or even wrote...simply because of the fact that it came oh! too spontaneously, so much that you didn't think of editing, leave alone 'wishing' it..I know this one is not my best. ans its alright:) Life is not always about giving the best..but also enjoying some moments..right?:) and here I share the moment of my yarn of ~ words as these words came to me when I saw this picture clicked by my friend:) Thank again...

Sarah malik said...

I loved it :) the words were used aptly but more then that wht i appreciate is the thought process behind..speaks a lot of life, relations and people!
good job :D


Rahul said...

@Aakriti Yep.I understand you.:-)

Aakriti said...

Hey Sarah.nice to have u here again:) thnk u so much

Aakriti said...

Rahul: Gratsi!!:)

Aakriti said...

Thank u Seema:)

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