Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Do you understand how much it takes?
To give a portion of my heart out to you?

Not in piece, I’ll bleed,
But in space, I tell you!

What’s in a piece, tell me?
I gave you a room, a private suite,

You stayed for a good time,
Enjoying the luxuries,

Soon you might get bored,
And tell me I got to leave”,

The empty space, the talking corners,
The joyous lights, the charm of a visitor,
All will be gone, to make it lifeless.

A heart is not a hotel,
A room where anyone can enter,
A heart is a place very sacred,
You earn a space to live in there,

And if at all you didn’t value,
All the talks ‘the heart’ did,
If you thought, one day,
You’ll go just the way you came,
My heart might with sorrow,
For sure would immensely pain.

It’s strange, it a gave a space,
To a ‘stranger’, one unknown,
And now it’s helpless,
‘Coz it’s too late,
To back out to create a filter.

Don’t tell me when you’ll leave,
Or should I say, leave a note?
It’ll be better to not have a memory,
What’s the point, once you’ll be gone?

Like before, my heart will cry,
Might ache and bleed to the core,
But time is a great healer,
With time, the wound shall mature.

The way I attached myself to thee,
I know not how it happened?

And I’m not an analyst like you!
To dig deep and find answers from clues.

Am I blessed to have found you?
Or scared enough that you might leave?

If I don’t see you again,
I’ll preserve the moments,
And forever shall, in safe, keep!!

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