Monday, December 6, 2010

Fussball (Football) Fever

I really do not know how to start. And this time I’m very very serious, not because I have loads of thoughts on my mind that I do not know where to start, this time it is much the opposite.

I’ve been seeing since few years how keenly my brother watches Foot ball matches, how lovingly and passionately the town, the city and countries come to life whenever FIFA WORLD CUP happens.

And I have always wondered what is there in football that brings people from different countries together. A friend of mine who plays football and is a wild fan of Manchester United ( GGMU!!) responds to this question of mine by saying that the passion, the drive that is there in this game is something you cannot see in any other game. I asked him that this game is so ‘rough’, players go around shoving each other to take the ball?? And to that he replied that it is the ardor, obsession and the fervor, the urge to make your country proud by every move of yours, by every goal you make and players who are playing in the World Cup are there for a purpose. Indeed, yes!

Over the years all I have praised this game is for (except for the awesome goals that were made) it’s cute and hot players. Sorry, but it was something which I shared with you very honestly. I have absolutely no clue about this game. I do not know what all tricks the players use, why and when Red, Yellow cards are given (though I do know they are given when the player misbehaves), and am completely unaware of the rules.

Every time I asked my brother to tell me the rules, he would tell me “later” and that later hasn’t arrived till date.

Moreover (I’m sorry this might be very disappointing to read) but I have no idea about the names of the teams, have heard a few like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United. That’s it. I don’t even know the names of the players except for a few.

My brother and I watched few months back the movie Goal and Goal2 and I loved both of them. Thanks to him I love the ads of Puma, Adidas, Nike, and Reebok which casts lead Football players having fun.

The enthusiasm, the zest with which people cheer for teams is something which I do not connect to, and feel sad about. And now I do not know if I can be made to or rather make myself fall in love with this game, or even after years when I re-read this I’ll still be feeling sad that I know nothing about the game, its players nor about its team, except for knowing where the next Fifa World Cup is gonna happen.

Before I end this I would like to share what made me write this post in the very first place. It was the ‘echo’, the true feel of the song ‘The Waving Flag’ by Kannan that made me think of a huge football ground with spectators cheering for their teams, and everywhere you look around all you see is anger, drive, energy, passion, and craze of the football fans for their country and for their teams.

No wonder then that FOOTBALL the most loved and followed game in most of the countries!!!:)


Unknown said...

great article!!
thanks for sharing!

TheNaiveBlogger said...

Nice one....whn we watch football its like saari duniya gayi tel lene.. :P... i kinda had a feeling tht gals hate gud to read abt ur view...whch is kinda neutral...n well all girls like cute n hot no surprises there...

A gud one to read overall...totally new way to look at it...n the last line was the icing on the cake.... :)..:D

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