Thursday, November 3, 2016

6 reasons why Borobudur should be on your bucket list

The Grand Borobudur temple from the base level
1. A Marvel in Itself: The world’s largest Buddhist Temple speaks volumes for its grandeur yet humility. The magnolithic structure is a sight your eyes would like to soak themselves in, not a for a minute or two but for hours together. Me and my Love got so fascinated that we took three trips to the top, all on different days, to soak every bit of it in!

2.The Mystery in the History: What is exciting about this Grand Buddhist Temple is that no one really knows who built this marvel. It is all estimated back to the 8th century, with only hypothetical guesses made from the artefacts collected. 

      3. Beyond a place of worship: While Buddhist practitioners consider this a temple of great reverence, its beauty lies in the way it has been built. It teaches life, for that’s how the levels go up with the top most representing Nirvana and the lower most showing the human to be enveloped among lowly things like gossiping, anger etc.
      4.  An architectural delight: A view from the below and a view from the top, both will leave you inspired. The mandala shaped temple has four entrances each from north, east, south and west. Every level opens up to you as you move up, Its like layers of a flower, very deceptive from down bottom, it just showcases it’s beauty as you move up.
       5.The strength of the monument: The history of this monument goes back to the days when it was completely under the volcanic dust, for decades no one knew of it’s existence, until one day when it was found! On the other hand, there has been restoration work, which continues till date. Despite of which all, the monument is nothing but a symbol of immense strength.

          6.  A Dip in the past: Lastly, if for nothing else, go take a dip in the past, it took some 75 years for this grandeur to come together! 75 years! Woaa. 

view from the top! picture credits: Kunal
      More coming up from our trip to Borobudur and Yogyakarta and why these places deserve a visit!:) Keep looking out for this place! 

       Till then, Stay humble and grounded!

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Bikram said...

Indeed a beautiful place and MUST be on the list .. Thanks for sharing


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