Friday, September 23, 2016

The Blessings of Borobudur


There’s a Borobudur
You do not know
There’s a Borobudur
You may never know
For the words you read
Are not your experience
And the pictures you see
Are not your visions
The praises your hear
Are not your sounds
So my dear,
If the place calls you
Give it a visit
For a sight of pilgrimage
Deserves all the reverence
A sight of grand marvel
Deserves all the awe
But Borobudur is different
In all the respects
It calls you to enter
Your very own world
Layers of unwrapping
Peeling of the dead skins
You call it an architectural endeavour?
I call it a Blessing

Watch out for this space to know more about my trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia:)

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