Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Celebrating Love

Love Day: Everyday

And as I have always believed my dear
Steady remains my belief
Love those who left you
But love the ones still there, more
Coz love is that fantastic force
That brings everyone real close.

You see that cloud smiling
That one right there on your left
Well, I see, you see, they don’t,
Coz we have the power of love blessed

As the winter melts into blossoms
With fragrance sprinkling all around
The arms are little, but hugs are big
Let’s enwrap and let the love surround

The rainbows are perfect
The smiles are too
In the eyes of those I love

And hey dear pal
A million thank you’s
Filled with chocolates we love


1 comment:

Cifar said...

thoughts are penned down beautifully

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