Monday, December 3, 2012

To you and to perseverance

The clouds have drenched off their tears
The garden is wet and green
The droplets from the wire
Show me what I have seen

The birds seek a shelter
As the trees swing heavily
Yes the breeze is cold and chilly
A day when weather goes silly

As I sit here in my blanket
Feeling cold from within
The words you offer, a cup of coffee
My heart hears you, as you are giving

And now I’m warm and soft
Like the dessert we both love
You said all you want is my smile
Here, love, I shall surely offer

Yes, I’m blessed in this life
Blessed shall be the days to come
I shall do all I can this time
Believing in my run

Knowing you are there to cheer
There to hear me loud and out
I shall keep the sacred power
And rejoice happy and loud!



Irfanuddin said...

beautifully penned thoughts...:)

Aakriti said...

Thanks Irfan for coming by:) and liking it too...Glad to have u here, as much as I'm away:P
P.S.: Hope you doing well?:)

Bikram said...

Lovely poem and the quotes in the end well they say it alll ..



Kunal said...

A super opening 4 lines sets the tone for the rest of what comes out as a very charming poem.


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