Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Xmas and More...

To an adventurous 2012....

2012….No I won’t complain. Today is a day of blessings, smiles, hopes, lights, and thank God for all the wonderful things that came our way.


I happened to visit many places this year. The year started with a fantastic New Year’s party in Bangalore. In my second visit in January and third visit in June, I left a part of me in that city of gardens....( Blore you listening??) 
I travelled to Ludhiana, Amritsar, Ahmadabad, Somnath Temple in Gujarat, and the serene islands of Daman and Diu.
Most importantly I finished my Masters, attended the convocation ceremonies of my Undergrad and Postgrad! Yes, they were lovely and beautiful!
My recent visit included a week’s fabulous trip to the land of Elephants: Sri Lanka ( A work and pleasure one ). On my trip I visited one of the world’s gorgeous universities: University of Perediniya with its lush green and pristine campus. I visited the 7 floor Library which was home to the most classic works you could ask in any field! Kandy was a lovely hilly area with the sun that sparkled at the top. From Kandy I headed to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sigiriya: Singh ( Lion) + Giriya ( foot). Since it is only the lion’s foot that remains of the massive palace that King Kashyapa had built, it’s called Sigiriya. It’s an adventure in itself to climb the huge rock. 
Sigiriya, as it looks from the entrance 

Behind me on the wall: Fiascos, paintings made by
King Kashyapa
The best deal of climbing the rock is : Every step is worth it. Then I headed to Colombo, a little city with a radius of max 5 kms. So yes, you can cover the place on foot. I however, was busy travelling in a bus and auto!:P The autowalahs are experts at cheating u! So as a traveller one needs to be careful! 
Photo frames
I shopped and shopped from one of the loveliest and not to mention expensive places in Colombo. Here are pictures from Odel, the shopping store: 

wrapping papers and gift boxes

My year was nothing less than ad adventure. Oh! Yes a long roller coaster ride loaded with little and some big pleasant surprises on the way. Of course there jerks, good ones too, but well it all turns out good in the end!
So here’s a toast to the smiles, the love, the flowers, the sunshine, the starry sky, the chirping birds, the people who love us no matter how mad we act or how insane we get, the warm lanterns, the blessings and the optimism……..
It’s good to live in the present J A gift!

A delightful December, Merry Xmas and a Great Year ahead to all of you!:) 

Me and my Mum in a mall, Colombo

Taj Samudra, Colombo, all lit for Xmas!

And yes my fav pic.....Have a warm winter......:)

Exotic, Inviting and XMassy all at the same time;)

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