Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Guest Post here:)

Dear Vanilla the Peoples… A very sunshine bright Sunday to you!!. I don’t really have anything to say from my end today, just that my dear Bloggy Friend Kunal’s poem has been lying in my lappy aimlessly for a while. After much pursuing (and banging my head against his questions) he finally agreed to write me a GUEST POST. Yup so this is the first guest post getting featured at Yarn of~ Words. I’m sure you’ll love his work the way I always do... Over to him…                                                


Sometimes, it is difficult to think straight.
Sometimes, it is difficult to ‘Decide’.
Sometimes, two hearts do not feel much.
Before, they are about to collide.

                                             Yes, I know what you are saying.
                                              In the beginning even I did not feel ‘that’ way.
                                              Or May be, the heart did skip a beat.
                                              But, I hoped the feeling would go away.

I did saw something in the way you saw me.
I felt something too. A feeling I had to hide.
If only, you had held my gaze a little longer.
I would have listened to myself and sit by your side.

                                               Eyes Speak. Even when the heart says to wait
                                               I ‘had to’ lower my gaze. I knew my eyes will ‘say’
                                               I understand that you understood my doing so.
                                               If not for my past, I would have made your day.

I tried to listen to what you tried to hide.
I hoped you would trust me, waited for you to confide.
I tried, I lied, I cried and finally sighed.
I always kept a check on my emotions, brewing inside.

                                              I somehow feel, you may be the right one.
                                              I keep telling myself, you are here to stay.
                                              Many times, I tried to lighten my heart.
                                              You were my umbrella, when the sky became grey.

I accept things as they are. I do not need any explanation.
You do not have to say much. Just sit beside (me).
I will do everything in my capacity. And beyond.
To give you what you were denied. And protect you from outside.

                                          Heart wants me to trust you. It may eventually will.
                                          I can not promise anything. But be patient. Okay?
                                          The wounds of the past have not healed completely yet.
                                          Stay near. At this point, I hope you will not go astray.


Trisha Sharma said...

beautifully stated :)

Kunal said...

Danke ji... :D
It is my first guest post as well... :D
dekhte log kya kehte hai! :)

kalpak n. said...

@ Kunal:

A really well framed poem bro. In fact, your style of writing poetry, the way you rhyme, the way you construct sentences, it is very similar to mine. wen i was reading it i actually felt this sounds like something written by me. although most of my poems are dark, so topic was unlike mine. but a really nice read.

i especially loved the stanza:
I tried to listen to what you tried to hide.
I hoped you would trust me, waited for you to confide.
I tried, I lied, I cried and finally sighed.
I always kept a check on my emotions, brewing inside.

Acha and im sorry on behalf of the grammar obsessed freak within me, but in "I did saw something in the way you saw me" shouldnt it be "I did see something in the way you saw me".

Once again, a really nice piece of work. Kudos.

A guilty conscience said...

Great Portray of emotions, of being torn beetween two ends. At once we don't want to be with the person we used to be with but next moment we are frightened by his/her absence. Its a classic story girl.........

Kunal said...


You are right...well...cut the us 'poets' some slack :D :D


Glad that you liked it. Will like to some of your 'dark' poems as well :P

Bikram said...

WOWOW now that is such a beautiful poem , tells me the story of my life ..

yeah i would want them to be near me now as the wounds of past have gone horribly wrong

Touched some places this one ...


:-Dee said...

Eloquent and lovely!! :)

Vishal Jain said...

I did not know, you can write so well... Kunal, U have been in unexplored territory for so many years and now your worlds are damn powerful... Acha hua tu MBA nahi kara, nahi tooo tu logon ko kavitayein bhi muft mein nahi sunata ;);)

Aakriti said...

A guilty conscience: Hey....I did not write it....this beautiful poetry has been penned down by Kunal...whose link I shared in the above post as well:)

Dreaming Wanderer. said...

beautifully expressed kunal...
ur emotions flow so well wid ur words..

keep going!! :)

Tania said...

Lovely written Kunal!!

Saru Singhal said...

Great work Kunal...:) And you are not an amateur poet. You are too good in portraying emotions!

Kunal said...

Bikramjit :

Thank you. It touched you at some places....bas kavita safal ho gayi! :)


Thank you very much! :)

Kunal said...


Tere saath rehte rehte dimaag dull ho gaya tha....tera saath chuta...aur dekh..mera dimag kya kya kurafaat macha raha hai... :)

Dreaming Wanderer:

Thank you! :)

Kunal said...


Thank You :)


You are just too kind. Thank you :)

Vishal Jain said...

I can understand, no-one really acknowledges the great GURU in public. It is okay, But someday you have to gimme GURUDAKSHINA in this public onlyyy.

Unknown said...

very well written..

Unknown said...

very well written...

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