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Busting Myths on Psychology

What is Psychology?

Heyloz Vanilla peopleJ Time for some en-lighten-ment!!
Well, it’s been a while since I have been thinking of writing a post that should have been written long time back. But when it has to be- it has to be! So here it goes…
After having spent some 6 years in the field of Psychology, and some more to go..I would like to clear some airs as to what Psychology is and is ‘not’!

  1. People in the profession of Psychology or psychologists can read YOUR MIND:
FACT: Let’s start with the students. We, as novices are in no position to read your minds. And when I say that -I’m VERY VERY SERIOUS! We are no psychics (psychics are people who can see the future, so next time you use this word for us, just be a lil enlightened!;) Also, while we do deal with overt ( outer) and covert (inner) behaviour of an individual, it takes years of practice before we can actually understand what is there in the person’s mind. READ –  I use the word “understand” not that we can begin to see through the other’s mind! So in short, we are no mind readers, we are no x-ray machines who can look through your skull, then through your brain and then tell you “Woaa!! Don’t you idiot lie to me, I know what’s going in your mind” – (This even non- Psychology people can do :D!!)
To be honest that would be the last thing I would ever want to happen to me! Simply coz my own myriads of thoughts are crazy enough, and I would not want a million others to come haunting me!

2.      Psychology is about ‘only’ mind.
FACT: No doubt Psychology is about mind, and precisely I won’t call it a myth, but it is important to know that just like everything in this world is inter-connected, similarly mind being the centre of everything is linked to many aspects. So, in Psychology we study everything about human behaviour. Hence, many fields like- social psychology       ( where we study the individual in social situations), forensic psychology, criminal psychology ( here are all the cases of ‘Plea for insanity’ and the likes dealt, so the movie Silence of the Lambs, and Sydney Sheldon’s book ‘Tell Me Your Dreams’ fall under this category), then we have sports psychology, Organisational Behavioral Psychology            ( where we have professionals in Psychology dealing in the HR departments of MNC’S trying to work on areas like work motivation, leadership, team building activities etc.), Indian Psychology ( An upcoming area where we study Yoga, Vedas, Spirituality, Meditation and how they affect the human) and many more..
There is no end to it, precisely coz human behaviour is complex, and so even a zillion kinds of Psychology wouldn’t suffice to understand it.

3.      Psychologists are of NO VALUE
 FACT: Now this is one serious accusation on the millions of people working in the area of Psychology, researching on the various ways a child learns something or for that matter how neurons respond similarly to emotions like anger and fear.
 Just like any other profession which has a value, Psychology contributes immensely to almost all spheres of life.
F.Y.I. the parents of Psychology are – Philosophy and Physiology. Philosophy Yup, the mom and dad are indeed big shots in themselves!!;) Thus the wide influence of Psychology!

4.      Psychologists are same as Psychiatrists
 FACT: Door door tak nahi!! Kadapi nahiii!! These are two different professions. So here is the gyaan: Psychologists are people who do their Bachelors, Masters, M.Phil or Phd. in fields related to Psychology. Yes. There is a field called “Clinical Psychology” which deals with mental illnesses. Psychologists precisely deal with giving therapies to clients and patients from the normal everyday problems to the gravest illnesses. (More on this some other timeJ )

Psychiatrists are people who have done their MBBS and then their MD in Psychiatry. These are doctors by professions and have the authority to prescribe medicines to the patients unlike Psychologists.

In the contemporary times, a combination of psychiatry and psychology works best in favour of the patient, where along with taking the medicine, the patient also undergoes therapy so as to help him her overcome his/ her illness.

5.      Girls studying Psychology are very ‘chant’ (to translate: clever) so one should BE-WARE of them, and people studying Psychology are NOT liable to make any mistakes!!
 Again…I beg people not to think that we cannot make mistakes. So, more often than not I hear people starting their sentences like “You being a Psychology student should know this…or that…” and then “Psychology padh rahi ho, doosron ki psychology ko samjhs karo!) { Yes! Sure..As you say! Don’t you know I’m free of all the emotions and thoughts which the Lord only bestowed upon non- psychology people!}.
As far as being clever goes, I really don’t know what to say on this. To consider temporally, times have changed, gone are the days when people would be innocent and honest. I guess, unfortunately, the 21st century and the  years to come will be about self, and only self, snatch, cheat, betray, stab, unless wise people like us go beyond them and cherish the values which our forefathers had bestowed upon us, through the generations!

This much basic should suffice for now. If you have any other questions, feel free to throw them at me, and I shall try and catch them and send the ball rolling back to you, that which glows;) with a better understanding!

Be enlightened. Be Blessed.


P.S.:  To share with you all Vanilla and my frnd got so frustrated by the constant comments we would get as Psychology students that we made a grp on FB which said "Studying Psychology doesn't makes me a mind reader" :P...;)


CookieCrumbsInc. said...

The moment you say psychology, one immediately starts to think about mental people. It's a cliche and the reaction is knee-jerk. There is so much more to the subject than such silly myths.
Thank you for clearing up some:)

P.S: Please take off word verification, it's a real pain.

Debajyoti Datta said...

"Girls studying Psychology are very ‘chant’ (to translate: clever)..."

Are you suggesting they are not?

Aakriti said...

Pevee darling...I knw it is..but some perverts have no other job but to put crap on ppl's blog..well so the verification. pls bear with it..and well yes... this post was NEEDED that's why it is here:)

Debajyoti Datta said...

The was meant to be my feeble attempt at being humorous. Clearly that didn't came out too well.

Aakriti said...

Debajyoti..hi!! thnks for coming by:) M not suggesting anything...No...they are not..or may be they are..but honestly I just dont think Psychology has anything to do with making ppl clever..sure it makes them more aware and smart..but clever?? well I dont think so!

Aakriti said...

Omg!!! Hey Jo..if I can call u that...really sorry:/..oh Gosh!! Language has barriers...

Debajyoti Datta said...

No worries! Lol

Kunal said...

Point Taken, Madam!! :D

Ok..To be honest..I had these so called myths too to start with..but fortunately..I started reading a book on psychology(I do not remember the name) some time last year..more due to curiosity...and within the first few chapters...most of my myths were busted..

I got to know about diverse branches of psychology...and the different parts of brain dealing with different emotions and reactions of the the neurons react to different things....and to be honest..I grew to love the subject. Unfortunately...I could not continue the much I had liked to..but still...I got awareness...that never have pre-concieved notions about a subject...or judging a subject without knowing the facts.. :)

This not only applies to psychology...but the other branches of study too...

I am happy that you wrote this past.

Best Regards.

P.S - Your last post was very lovely. Good Luck. Always

Aakriti said...

Ur comments always brings a biiiiig smile on my face Kunal:) Thnk u. M so glad u got to read abt it. M thinking that soon enough I'll start some posts on Color Therapy..:) A project I did in my'll be fun to read, what do u think? And well as far as busting myths is concerned, this was something I really wanted ppl to read..coz by far of all the subjects out there this is the most "misunderstood"..M glad u liekd the previous post as well:)

Bikram said...

I liked that word "CHANT" he he he
true what you say , a lot of myths surround the area.. I use to be terrified when at work they said I need a meeting with one ever y18 months becauce of my job.. they dont want a psycho doing what i do :) he he he

Same what they say for people who work for police :)


Aakriti said... do u do?? And who Psycho?? Yaar hun te na confuse kar mainu ainvayiji terms use karke..And what police...?? pooreje sentences likhaya kar...mainu changi tarah samjh ni anda paya:P

Cяystal said...

Hello lo! I'm sorry sorry really sorry for missing on your blog, my net wasn't working :S I did go through your older post related to your dad and found it way good.
Coming to this, omg hi five, you're a Psychology student too? Yay! :D I've taken it up as one of my 5 in +2, and I am already exasperated and annoyed with the number of times people come up with "Ooh, so you can read minds?" questions! Like, seriously, what are we sitting with? Head x-ray machines? :/ and I sweaaaar! *nodding head vigorously* at point 5! So so true.
I so loved this post! It takes a psychology student to understand a fella psychology student. :D

Aakriti said...

Heya Crystyyyyyyy:):) love and hugs!!:):) So wat u doing in studies??:P..U knw what to share a fact with u and other Vanilla and my frnd made a grp on FB which said "Studying Psychology doesn't makes me a mind reader"...;) and loads of us joined it..;) thnk u as always..and hey cumon! my posts arent running u needn't apologize ever:)
Love~ Aakriti

PS: wE CAN hifive with our vigorously nodding heads;) WhAT sAY?:D

The Narcissist said...

My childhood hero was Sigmund Freud. :D

I wanted to be a psychologist but because of various reasons could not make that happen. But that doesnt stop me from reading anything that is even remotely linked to it.

I am even learning hypnosis ;) I used it on my ex bwahaha :D

Aakriti said...

Woaaaa Abhishek..that's u learnt all the levels from the California School of Hypnosis f=or from somewhere else? Past life regression therapy too or just Hypnosis? So dude.. what did u find out with ur ex?;)

Unknown said...

Very true people have lot of misconceptions about Psychology as a subject. when I had to choose a subject for my B.A and somebody told to me select Psychology my first reaction was I don't want to become doctor of Mental hospital. However later on I understood that to study Psychology doesn't mean that we have to treat mental patients only. After this I selected Psychology for my Graduation and I enjoyed it and hence also opted it for mu U.P.S.C exam.

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