Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Couldn’t have stayed away…

Couldn’t have stayed away……
Heyloz Vanilla Peoples…..yeah yeah yeah..just like my anger rises too quickly and melts too quickly as well…my love for my blog and my bloggy friend’s love for me couldn’t help me stay away from my blog for too long.
Thank you so much Ayushi, Rahul and Kunal, for your care, concern and love which you showed in ur own sweet waysJ

Now, to share with you guys honestly, I tried moving away, like I shared, there were and in fact still some things that are important for me to decide..they are waiting for me to decide.

·        My college is loading me with truckloads of work, so much that my SOCIAL LIFE is literally ZERO.
All these years, since I was in school, till now..I have been a diligent student, studied and studied and studied….I did have fun in my undergrad, but not that kind which I would like to have. So, it turned out that my friend circle constituted the ‘toppers’.
I almost hate writing this, but I have to be honest with you guys. I have been evading this sadness for quite some time (here), but it keeps seeping through in and out. My last semester was hell…this one is heller (yes! I know I’m good at coining words..gratsi!!)
But I want to ENJOY LIFE! Damn my college, damn my studies!! Really! I’m sick and tired of all this…but on a practical note I can’t DAMN them, coz in academics lies my future as well…..

So make me smile, make me laugh like crazy….share some jokes, shower some kindness and love….and give me all the good reasons to carry on this life and cling to HOPE…

My college and my future is the last thing I’d like to be sad about!!!...

Lots of Love

§  I want to get drunk, and get real high one day, even though I don’t relish liquor and liquor never tried relishing me!
§  I loooooove to dance, but have never been to PuB!!:/ Now who’ll call me even a Delhite?? Shame on me na!!..which world I’m I living in!!?? I want to go clubbing….but I detest smoking too..
§  I want to go to a trip somewhere just with my friends..and here again comes a ‘but’…we are girls ..sigh..parent’s concerns are never ending..
§  I desperately want a dog..but no one to take care of at home:/
§  I also want to date someone:P..but no velle people pls!! And I’m the last person who comes on the ‘wannabe’ list!!:P
§  I want DEC to come soon, so that I can crazily have fun in my winter break!

And ..and ..and.. I want to deck up all nice smokayn hottt!! ( oK..I'm not that hopeless on this one as I do keep getting compliments usually..but I want to wear that real sexy halter dress one day with the most gorgeous looking heels (not stilletoes, else I won't be able to dance:P)


E. said...

That really was a short bloggy break.

I hope you get to really enjoy your winter break. December isn't that far away now. I find it scary when I see how few shopping days are left until Christmas.

One Life. Many Moments. said... and future is the last thing to be sad about! Chin up,girl. DOll up, get out and shake that booty real bad!

I ve been here, before.and believe me the sadness is nt worth it at all. So, stop worrying, and decide to BE HAPPY. Life is good :D

Kunal said...

You sound like a chain smoker..who be away from cigarette for some time...but then found the urge to smoke to hard to resist...I detest smoking...but its a nice analogy. :P

Studying and only but, I don't think that it is so hard even to get a day got to do..what you love...sometimes..taking a break from study does not mean..that are detesting have to sharpen your axe once in a while ;)

As for other niceties, you mentioned....there are all worth sinking your knees would we be getting an update on those...make it soon ..ok? DEC is so far right now! :P

Bhargav Bhatt said...

you wanna get drunk... wow, thats gr8 idea... btw when that d day gonna come... let m,e know.... :P :P :)

Rahul said...

:-D Now seriously u've got me wondering what I should put here.I've been to pubs,I drink occasionally,but trust me when I say it,all these ain't that fun at all...At least,not for me...:-)Yup,yup.I've been there,done that and all....but the point I'm trying to make here is-u have ur own whole world full of goodies right there with you-your thoughts,your poems,your love for words,your fascination with ideas and quotations,your love for psychology,your universe full of dreams...U got an aim,a direction in life,a purpose..Something worth fighting for,something worth struggling for,something which makes you hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day.Many people don't even have that...:-)

Aakriti said...

@E: we have festival coming up right North India it is Diwali...its Christmas for us..thnkfully my college escaped with submission that weel:P..yup short bloggy break indeed;)

Aakriti said...

Hey Twisha!!!hawa ..hawa ..rani hawa...~~~;) did u hear the awesoem belly dancing and arabic tune to this song from Rockstar;)thnk so much..
lots of love:)

Aakriti said...

And now Kunal....short mein the term is "withdrawal symptoms" dude!! Be simple. silly;)(Docomo ad!!;)...this post was titled before as "I'm an ADDICT":P...khush??
well yeah..m trying my best to enjoy life. high time!! I need and think through myself and things!!thnkies..8)Some fun is on the way....

Aakriti said...

Bhargav....nice to see u here after long...where have u bin?? Sure..I'd like to have reliable ppl around me when i get drunk..if u can handle or are an expert at handling drunk ppl..then u are in;)..and yes I would like someone to shoot a video too to record my cranky awesome behavior in that drunk state:P

Aakriti said...

Hey Rahul...these words mean a lot to me right now..m soon gonna write something on CRISIS.. coz that's precisely one word I can evry well relate to right now..and my "abt me" is gonna change..coz I'm realizing that future and plans dont exactly work "OUR"'s where "thinking through" comes..I can understand what u are saying..I;m a dancer who doesn't have a problem dancing on full blarring music all by myself...just that i want to experience at least once in life..all the jazz and freaking moments..;) and u knw wht this world of mine which seems so beautiful and fantabulous and just perfect has it's own share of chaos, confusions...often things are deceptive..but yes poetry for sure is not!! Aakriti

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Hi.. first time here .. saw ur guest post ..
Liked the post ..
and you wanna get drunk hmm. . all the best with that as long as you with friends and all :)

Come over to UK lots of places to drink , a pub at every half a mile or less :) ..

All the best for that trip with friends and having a pet dog .. And date a person WOW.. all the best with that too he he he h

nice blog..


Aakriti said... things are thought, they are called "wishes" some can come true..not all:P..Oh
! so are staying in UK..? Well..I'd rather have drinks here..than pay good bucks in Euros ova there:P..;)lol.:D and yes don't wrry I'm not an alcoholic, i just wanna get drunk once for the fun of it. Period! and its imp that reliable ppl are around. agree to that point of urs:) far as havign a dog is concerned, if I don't get one. then I'll make sure I marry a guy who either owns one or will agree to own one;):D
And dating...:P I said..I'm not a wannabe and so detest velle ppl. My choice is too classy:P...

Aakriti said...

Oh no..I forgot London shall be pounds..not even Euros. Sorry for the error:P

Suree said...

Never drink to feel better , always drink to feel wayyyyy better ;) IN those words I have poured the wisdom I acquired through countless sessions of booze medication :) I have a huge collection of PJs in my arsenal, ready to unload whenever you are :) And if you are into bungee jumping or such senselessly-crazy-life risking-yet-awwwfuckinawesomely-fun things, join me for my feat :)

Aakriti said...

Hey Suree....lovely to see u after soo long..haha...yeah..i feel way bttr seeing u bk guess I don't need a drink now;) PJ'S:P I'd rather like some j's:D...booze medication??:O
u mean something like Alcohol Anonymous grp?
oh yea i love adventure sports..but for that I need to be fir and risking:P umm...not sure abt that..haha...but yeah bungee jumping.anytime..;) btw I won't mind having someone for Salsa classes...I need a guy for that too:P

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