Sunday, October 23, 2011

And the award goes to......

Today, on the pre- Diwali weekend, when the air is filled with lights, gifts and giving….I, felt that it was the best day to acknowledge some Vanilla people for the commendable work they have done.
Khush bestowed upon me A Versatile Blogger Award, Thank you so much dear for this honor and appreciation. It indeed keeps me going…..

Here am I giving this award to....................................

1.    Peevee: Woaa…chocolate obsessed girl! With her honest, versatile posts, which make you laugh, touch your heart and ponder over many a things in a girl’s life….Here you go Priyanka!! I just got to know ur name as I linked you here!! gosh! how silly can this be!!:p
2.   Ayushi with her gorgeous blog “ Little Moments of Bliss”. She shares with us her fictional stories and some real truths of her life. And I always look forward for the Awe- Some pictures she gets hold of to express what’s right there in her heart! Where do you get them from Ayu??
3.    Sub: I just happened to visit his blog at and well it indeed had “khojed” a lot of information from centuries beyond to the present era! Now a proud daddy of a pretty girl, he continues his tryst with life and with writing on “Evolving Daddy”..Way to go Sub!!......
4.    Kunal: A fellow blogger and a sweet friend. Yes! he deserves this award rightly so, like many others. He doesn’t speak much, yet he does. In moments of solitude I wonder what he thinks, or simply goes blank? His posts offer readers not only his musings, but some beautiful insights into life!...Kunal…you are Not a devil…high time you change the name of your blog:p!!
5.   Next, we have a ball full of magic and a lot more…and she is none other than Crystal….with her psychedelic, enigmatic, enchanting blog, she delves into the world of philosophy, romance, love, fiction, poetry, photography and many more things. You are the next Kahlil Gibran for me girl! I tell you! It’s easy to write essays, but its tough to say a lot more in words so few….and that’s Crystal for me and you!!.....
6.    Ryan: He presents a world clicked through eyes and spoken through his heart and mind. You got to check this blog to feel what I say. Thank You Ry for your insightful posts. Hope you are doing well my friend?!
7.   I still dunno the name of this girl who has her blog named as ‘Bits & Pieces” but yes, I have gone through her beautiful posts and she sure deserves this award! Many many congratulations to you!
8.    Then there is Edwin with his funny, humorous cartoons taken right from everyday events, and this very fact makes his drawings even more relatable and interesting!
9.    And then we have Niki, with her beautiful blog on jewellery, everything silver, sparkly and gorgeous. From designing bracelets, earrings, neck pieces, and her fab photography which compliments her posts well.. Your Art lures me Niki;)

Now that the awards have been given, there is a tradition which this award comes with…

1) Thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to them.
2) Share 7 things about yourself.
3) Pass the award along to 15 other newly discovered blogs.

As you can see I gave away the award only to 9 Vanilla People. That is coz they rightly deserved this one! Worry not, those of my other friends who haven’t got! I still have one award in my kitty, to give away….;)And now about sharing 7 THINGS ABOUT ME!!hmm…
1.     I collect rose petals and dry them whenever I’m gifted flowers or I buy them for myself. I also collect pretty marriage invitation cards and keep them with me. In addition to this I love collecting pretty and smart paper bags!
2.    I’m a huge fan of artistic Indian ethnic work, may it be block printing, or a pretty  Jaipuri bedsheet or Lucknawi kurtas or well…in short I love everything ( almost) INDIAN!!;)
3.    I really want to learn baking breads, croissants, and beautiful, lip smacking pastries. I’m now, if I can say so an expert at baking cakes. But I want to learn how to ice them too;)
4.   I appreciate guys who can cook, and more so cool WELL;) haha.!! Coz well not only is it sensual to see a good looking hubby cook for you in the kitchen, but we girls deserve men who do cook for us as well!! Right?;)
5.    I want to learn some traditional recipes and knitting from my grandmothers to make them and share it with my grandchildren (i.e. if I live that long enough)…The tradition should keep on going right…
6.   I don’t like the way kids are growing these days ( I won’t apologize if I sound like an old lady). It’s true, that with every younger generation I see, all I get is shock! Indeed in future having pets might be a better idea than having kids!! As for me!! I’ll have both;)
7.   I love jewellery and jewellery and jewellery. I end up having everything of almost every color, so I’m always well coordinated;)

Phew….that was a lot!! So congratulations to the winners and to my Bloggy friends as well..Its festive season, and all one should have is a smile on a face and glitter in the eyes!

Stay Blessed


Ryan said...

Thank you Aakriti!! Such wonderful words from one of my favourite poet-esses!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the gratitude Aarkriti :-)
I know, I have been so lost, right?
Well, am trying hard to get back on the pace!
Hope to see your comment over my post soon!
You take care and keep writing!

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

hey! congratsss...and thanks soo much :)
your link will be there in my accolades section :)

Unknown said...

Giving away the award is always this sweet. Congratulations girl :)

Cheers, ~Moonlight~

Kunal said...

Thank you for this award.
I accept it with grace.
Congratulations to you too..
In your creativity..
May you find solace! :)

Cяystal said...

I press flowers into diaries too. :) And I cut off motifs and borders from cards. AND ditto 6. Yes, we can be called losers but seriously. the vulgar cartoons, the weird games, their language. :O

ANDDDDDD, now. The post. Next Gibran? OMG OMG OMG! That's huge. I have told you, you're such a darling at gives compliments, Akku (can I call you that?) Thanks a lot, love. Made my dayyy!
and aye, I'm in Lucknow. Now I know what to gift you :)

Edwin Rhemrev said...

Yay I received an award! Thanx Aakriti, appreciate it! I guess I should start posting new cartoons then uh...:P

Aakriti said...

Hey Ry!!!:):) m so glad to be on ur list..and btw my friend a post is soon cuming up on AUTUMN!!and guess whose pics m gonna borrow??;)
love~ Aakriti

Aakriti said...

Hey Khush..gimme some time alright?:) and thnks for the award again:)

Aakriti said...

Hey Miss Moonlight ( Risha) ..why did u change ur name swty?? all fine? didnt get to see u here for long:/..have been missing apologies for not cuming on ur blog often too...gimme sumtime..and I'll be back with a bang!!;)

Aakriti said...

Heyloz Sub!!! many many congratulations to u!!:) and thnk u so much dear..that's very sweet!:)

Aakriti said...

Heya Kunal....thnk u for such sweet words:) U are turning into a poet day by day..hmm?? My yarn is working for u!!;)?

Aakriti said...

Woaaaa Crysty!!!:) Lucknow is fab! Have been visit the Bada Imambara...and get lost in the labyrinth there:) its fun!! and now fir my nickname:P....Akku no !! Think of a creative one girl!!You are at "Yarn of ~ words"...SHOW ME SOME TALENT!!!:D

Aakriti said...

Edwin......i can't tell u how great it feels to have u here...Its like a celeb visiting my blog!!! m elated!!...ur work is suppppppppppperb!! and I appreciate it always:)

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOOO, there I am, right at the top!! THANK YOU SO MUCH girl, so very very much:D

Good cook eh? We HAVE to get together some time!

Have I told you I like "Vanilla People" very much:) Makes us sound so nice:D

Aakriti said...

Hey Peevee....just to clarify dear..the names are in random order..coz u all are good in ur own charming ways:) yup...drop by at my place and lemme know..will make a pasta or bake a cake just for u :)
to knw more just go through the category "food for thought" on my blog;) and yes Vanilla people got coined on a nice day..with a nice post;)

Defiant Princess said...

Hahaha! The girl at Bits n Pieces must tell you her name now, I'm Farzana :)
usually known as Defiant Princess on the blogosphere.. and yes I have noticed your presence on my blog.. apologies for not dropping by on yours .. been on weird schedules lately..
and hey THANK YOU so much for the award!
I seldom receive the titles, n whenever I makes me verry happy :D

I'm gonna make sure I read each n everything on your blog asap <3

Aakriti said...

Thnk u so much for taking some time out to come by:) Farzana!! nice to have u here..would like to have u often!! and well the award is well deserved!;)

Ayushi said...

Thank You so so so much Aakriti :) I wasn't looking forward to one and it came as a total awesome surprise :)

You know what I like the best in you ?, its your patience to read the whole thing a person has written and then reply a post in return as a comment. Makes me feel loved and READ :):P

Thank You soo much :)

Mwah :*

Love :)

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