Monday, February 18, 2013


Its been a while I wrote to you.

Likthe toh har roz hain. Kaeen lamhon mein kuch ankahi si baatein khud-b-khud shabd ban jati hain, mano ek haar khud-se hi moti seechne laga.

I found your words the other day, sitting prettily in that letter you wrote to me. Along with that I found many pages of love dedicated, to me and to us. At times, I wonder how words can possibly be at loss when one falls in love. The inexplicable feeling, the joy; all but a treasure of memories kept safely in a satin blanket. As the petals of the roses you gifted me settle to get dried in the book, I think of the innumerable moments of happiness you brought ever since you walked into my life. You say words don’t come to you easily, if they do, they start and end for me. You know how I’m fond of your words and your writing style. As your beloved dear, I wish to take this remark of yours as a compliment, but the reader inside me sways the beloved aside and says “You, Ms.Lover, are causing a thought block there for the guy!!?? Do you even realise that?” This heart heaves a little sigh for I know I miss your words.

You know dear, I never thought I would end up writing endless poems on love, beauty and friendship. Perhaps it’s a way of the heart that it sings and forms a melody of its own leading me to pen down words knitted to weave poetry.

There are times when you are so dearly missed. Yet your calm words, your presence in the absence instils in me the confidence that things indeed shall fall in place, that good things will and shall happen to good people. Ever since you offered me that lake of optimism, I have drawn many a buckets full. The lake at your end never fails to get emptied nor do the buckets at this end.
Life surprises us in many a ways. How strangers end up being the closest to us and how distance seeps in relationships we thought were as strong as rock. It’s like a balance of scales perhaps, some people being deleted at one end, only to be gifted with the warmest and most genuine ones at the other end. This brings a smile. And then I’m reminded of Calvin & Hobbes. How we laughed together as I cracked one joke after another to you on the phone. In moments filled with heart filled laughter and twinkling eyes, I think of the many smiles and reasons filled with contentment I have been offered by you, your presence and your friendship.

I have come a full circle. In magnificent ways than I could ever imagine.

You are here.


Bhargav Bhatt said...

"I have come a full circle. In magnificent ways than I could ever imagine. "

:) :) :)

the feel itself is amazing...

Aakriti said...

Hieeee:-) so nice to u see u drop by Bhargav.
Its been really long.:-) thank u or cming by.hope u have been well?

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