Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm at peace….with love

Dear Darling
Hi, my love. I hope you are doing well in the company of the book you suggested me to read. The irony being you had watched the movie, bought the book, yet not read it. It was one lovely book I had come across. It turns out, that the book is now in my ‘fav list’. Some time back I suggested it to someone. He asked “What is different in this book?” I answered “It’s the style of writing”. He wasn't too convinced by my answer. I knew what I had in mind, but due to lack of time I couldn't complete my answer. Today if someone asks me, what that book is about this is what I shall say:

And since decades
The message spread world wide
Love that is true, sweet and pure
Knows no age, color or background
The hearts intertwine
Blossomed flowers of spring
Nurture each other
Till their life bids end
And many a times
Words too falter
For feelings felt
Beyond words that express
And distance sure does
Makes the heart fonder
As we yearn for love
That melts like chocolate
And he knows that she
Likes dark velvety ones
As he gorges on them
One after one
She smiles at the sweet tooth
And the purity
Of his honey filled heart
He never had honey
And well, that quite bizarre
Amidst the grey days
When silence was at loss
No word spoken
Silent, miles apart
As tears would stream down
My face, my love
Your presence my darling
My haven, my cover
And even as I yearn
For a fire beside me
Your love, our walk and talks
Embraces me lovingly
With a smile that lasts
No matter how the day goes
A hope for a new tomorrow
A life to love, with love……to follow

With love
Yours, now and forever
20 Jan. 13

P.S: Inspiration : A close friend's words:)

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