Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Friendly Conflicts

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It’s been a while since I have been thinking of the number of friends I have around me…Some things have been disturbing, some disappointing and others well they have been considered in plain truth as ‘matter of fact’.
In another few months as I’ll be finishing with my Masters, I’ll have to say even as I know of it now that I didn’t really made any new, so to say wonderful pals in here. My initial months here were a struggle- why oh! why I wanted people to hang out with? Why couldn’t I be happy in my own skin ( and well that is still something I strive to achieve)……perhaps that is why they say being silent is not an easy job, and being silent and choosing silence even when the environment around you is full of hustle bustle is a big thing!
I chose my silences, as I would find my corners in the university campus, sit there when in conflict with my inner emotions or with people around me or simply because of the fact when I had no ‘real’ people around me. They were there, but not really here!
So in that aspect I found myself distancing from a very close friend of mine, both of us who decided to leave the so called prestigious University of Delhi to come here to a new university.
I think ( though I’m not too sure of) that as we grow we just make and meet colleagues, people who share our work space, real friends and true ones are always from the school years.
However, it’s not that I see people not making friends as they enter college or even Masters. Where flowers have to blossom they will, no matter how tiny the space is, so where friends have to be made, you will make, the only factor then shall remain if those friends shall remain long and loyal enough?
I guess this post also comes from the sadness that dwells coz of the fact that being in the same city I haven’t got to meet one of my bestie for some good time. The last I saw her was on her birthday in April, and the other one, well…..sigh…whose birthday I cancelled to go to:/……
I miss them, I truly do, and I don’t know how many friends are in my view. Actually I do. And I’m still to think if I’m a social birdy, an ambivert birdy or one who likes her own silence. The last bit is true from time to time in addition to the space I always cherish to have.
Yes growing up isn’t easy….and yes I don’t wish to answer or find questions to everything…..let time answer them for me. And I hope time shall choose the best time to unravel its answers to me.

I'll end on these lyrics from the song Kya khayal hai from the television series The Dewarists.:

Ik jahan  chota sa apna
Ik jahan tumhara
Muskaan chahe meethi ho
Ya ansoon ik khara

Chalo baant le ghum aur khushi
Thodi guftagoo kar lein
Kaho kya khayal hai…?


Unknown said...

Its true that our best friends are from the old school days, those were the days when we were unbridled, uninhibited from other ways of life which make us more focused on relationships and less on materialistic achievements.
As we grow, so does our domain, we want more scores, more pays and less friends, as at the back of our minds, we already have some to fall back on.

Aakriti said...

Heya Pooja....thank u for following Yarn of ~ words and I welcome u warmly:) I don't know if I'll count myself among those who would value money more over relationships..And though I didn't manage making any frnds in my Masters, I think a kind of contentment comes to me, for knowing that at least I dunt have useless ppl hanging around me...and it's not that my besties dont wish to meet me, but yes growing up calls for some sacrifices, even in terms of not being able to meet cherished buddies..and school days...ah!! those are the days to cherish!:)

:-Dee said...

aww that was a touching post. But you never know when you'll bump into your next good friends. Strangers are friends simply waiting to happen.. and in the strangest of ways you will find friends for keeps. Some friendships last, some lose touch and move on.. its the ones that are true and really meant to be.. tht are real. I am sure you have friends like those.. think of them and smile!! Your life is just starting.. and you gonna meet lots of people.. good and bad!! Enjoy the experience, nevertheless.

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