Monday, July 11, 2011

No Goodbyes in True Friendships.....

No goodbyes in True Friendships

Before you may start reading this might just make more sense if you go through the post that preceded this one:P  which goes by the name Unspoken

I just happened to feel till yesterday that my friendship with a wonderful friend had come to an end. It felt as if it was ‘phasic’ as if the beautiful moments we shared had come to an end, until my friend finally called me today, after reading a long mail I had written to him.

Friends they say, stay, and I would like to believe that way,
And if they choose to move on, I shall still remember them for their beautiful ways…
And get back to them, and tell them,
My dear friend ‘ Every moment spent with you was a bliss’…

Yes I had tears in my eyes as I read his reply, for it ached to see how much pain he was carrying within, so much so not to let it out on paper, not to let it out in talks, but in that corner of his heart which still throbbed with the wound he thought might not appear.

In a relationship like friendship, surely it hurts to see your friend go into that cocoon, more so, when they go without saying anything, but as a friend perhaps all I can do is to wait for that day when the sun shines bright, and that cocoon opens up only to make me see a beautiful butterfly struggle its best to conquer the world with its colors and beauty. And yes to believe in yourself, to be that friend, one needs to have a belief in oneself as well..

And when times and situations strike us with a hammer or for that matter a gloomy day, we must revive our spirits to let our hearts know, that tomorrow it shall be a bright sunny day….

My friend may have lost trust or hope in himself, so much to overcome the feeling of self blame he carries within, but here’s telling my friend, that he is strong enough to conquer the storms, the world and the people, for situations have their own colors, and ‘ we have our own…’


Ryan said...

He is lucky to have you to fall back to when he is ready. I hope the clouds pass quickly.. for both of you.

Unknown said...

Your words, So real, they stirred the emotional me. Everything will be good, don't worry!
Be hopeful for it helps to conquer even the deadliest of the storms :)

Aakriti said...

@ Ry: he seems fine now....and I see a smile in his his that makes me feel good Ry:) thnks so much for ur wishes:)

@ Risha: thnks so much...yes m not worrying now..m all hopeful and I know he'll be good in sometime:)

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