Thursday, July 12, 2012

Form-less shape waiting to be formed!

Kids these days learn things faster than perhaps you did. Interestingly enough even as they might know of the many shapes, my talk is with you, adults! Oh yea, you see, I’m formless, no edges, no curves, no angles, no area, no perimeter. In short, existence, but no recognition!
It‘s a different thing to live, but living together being someone ah, altogether a different scale. I do come from an existing species, you may not have heard about it, wonder ever seen. Sometime back when I guised myself as a cloud I heard the birds chirping that humans have microscopes to see things which are miniscule and they have in fact made great progress with that instrument. Fascinating, very fascinating!
In our clan, the elders have been recognised through their share of hard work and they have earned their share of respect too. I, however, ummm, these days am waiting to be formed. Now, Its not that there is a stage- like process like becoming of a butterfly, wish it was that easy, it’s very very complex, certainly difficult for me to explain.
I’m out of my clan too and whenever I talk, it’s not sweet. May be you humans can term it ‘identity crisis’? Yes, well I heard that word once, so I’m guessing it may be closer to that for you. My dictionary however has a lot more going on in the inside than the outside.
A friend recently asked me ‘Hey Less-ly, how are you?” And I said the most common lie which you humans speak, certainly with a fake smile “I’m fine!” . Now, don’t get me wrong, but tell me, you guys lie it so often, don’t you? Simple question with a prefabricated  simple lie. Surprisingly enough I feel close to you people at the moment in that context. We here don’t usually lie. Sharing of expression comes easy to us. In the face of adversities, we sit like a family, even the neighbours and discuss things. Tears are shared and so are joys.
The other day I was morning dew which a girl of 5 year old saw settled on a leaf with the others. She simply plucked the leaf and preserved it in a jar with open holes. For days together, she talked to me. I hardly talked with other dew drops; you see I needed ‘my’ time. I quietly listened to her voice so sweet and songs so melodious. Oh! Not songs, her mother said they were ‘poems’. I wonder what the difference is between the two. Any ways, but it was not from her that I learnt to lie for she was a beauty of innocence and purity.
Her mother came to me the other day, I was surprised to see her talk to me. That is when she told me this secret. She in her teary eyed voice said to me “Hey beauty, I’ll tell you something. There is so much in this heart, heavy as a stone. I wish I could drain it like water but it refuses to melt. The weariness has been killing me every single day and every passing moment. I don’t wish to talk, don’t wish to explain, can you just understand, dewy beauty?” I too had tears in my form-less eyes. Now, you may think how can a dew get more teary than it already is, but well, like I told you, I wasn’t still recognised.
So, yes, I thought why not try out the lie I learnt from her. Guess what? It worked with that imaginary firend I mentioned a while back. In fact, my family and friends were surprised enough to see me lying like that. And after a few seconds they all laughed “ Ah! Dear darling, we know you’ve been having a hard time, but to us, you can never lie. You may be a novice and we would never want you to learn that art of lying but more important than that is to be true to yourself. You are a great baby dear and one day you’ll make us shapes proud of where you reach. A form no one would have ever seen, or even if seen, you’ll be unique. A star that’ll shine it’s own glory!”
That moment, I regained my lost self, I wept and wept and then I smiled for I had formed this invisible friendship with that little girl who befriended me. Her smile was the purest I had ever seen. The day I become what I have to, I’ll thank her.
We don’t have a God here in our land, but we have faith. Strong faith in our hearts makes us live what we are. I learnt the word God from that little girl too. What’s God? Who’s God?
Anyway I got to go……..
Living out each day….each moment….trying to smile… be that form ….one day!

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