Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Tell Tale

She asked me,
“You’ve not written for long,
Something about yourself?”
I looked in her eyes,
Which betrayed my self,
A self long lost, still there.

She asked me,
“What have you been up to?
For something seems to have changed”
I looked at her face,
Saw the ruins,
Fresh and old, but the same.

She asked me,
“ Where was your chirpy voice?
And the zest to live your life?”
I looked at the tinkling chime above,
Which spoke for me,
A thousand words.

She stood there,
With a blank face,
And blank me,
The last time I saw her there,
The ripples dried, turned into sand.

As I walked with my naked burns,
Only to be seen by me,
A whisper hushed in my ear,
“Life’s simple, complex you make, Busy bee!”



Cяystal said...

This is so much like a conversation I had with a friend recently. :D
And he picture supports the text in a parallel form. :)
Sometimes you just lose the chirp in your voice for no apparent reason .. and then you get it back in a while too. Keep the faith x :)

Aliza Khan said...

WOW!!! *Jaw drops* *speechless*
So simple yet so strong n powerful =D ur a natural girl =D

Sri Valli said...

Lovely lines..:)

Bhargav Bhatt said...

da last line... loud and clear is the poetessss..... ha ha...

hey smile yaa

Bikram said...

so true the last line , we make life so complex .. it wud be fun to keep it simpleeeeee

lovely poem


Aakriti said...

Crysty: I agree...:):)
All's good

Aliza: :P haha...thank u so much


Bhargav:P Oh yea!!

Bikram:)thank u

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