Sunday, October 2, 2011


Ah…these love songs, so deceptive,
The way the seductive male voice pulls the girl…towards him.

Oh! This huge world, I still didn’t manage to find that ‘One’,
And then some say ‘wait’, others just say ‘explore!
What about this heart in me, which is lost in this quandary?

Oh! These Urdu lyrics,
And the sensuous Arabic music,
The candles lit in the darkness,
A girl sits with a veil, dark empty eyes…waiting to be filled.

She cried many nights,
Was awake in some too,
And then as the dawn would awake,
The blanket of tears would become sparkly dew.

The sun would shine bright,
Telling her Hope was for the precious few,
But she was stuck to belief,
That which didn’t made to her view…..

She sits on the window sill,
On a rainy day,
Coffee in hand,
A diary in her lap,
Still in hopeless wait……..


CookieCrumbsInc. said...

That poem made me feel something, not sure what... Like a yearning for something just out of my reach... *sigh*

Rahul said...

Tell that girl she is gonna find that special someone soon..:-) Maybe even right now,someone,somewhere is thinking of a gal just like her.....;-)

Aakriti said...

@ Peevee: Hmm..well, perhaps u could relate to the girl at that unconscious level Peevee..:) trying to rach out, but not sure if that reach shall be 'within reach' or not.!!
thnks for coming by:)

Aakriti said...

@ Rahul: Ah!! Rahul..Gone are those days when she would believe that way..a lot many desires are just fading away in that wait....and yes I write these..some erupted, and faded again...sigh..

Rahul said...

You remind me of a song-
"When all of the stars are fading away,
Try not to worry,you'll see them someday..
Just take what you need,and be on your way!"

You never know,good things have a habit of taking us by surprise.......:-)

Aakriti said...

Yup I love this song- Stop Crying Ur Heart Out by Oasis:)

Kunal said...

why not explore..and then wait..and then explore some more? :P

kabhi n kabhi to asar hoga! ;)

Aakriti said...

explore...?? umm..haha..u make me laugh!either I'm too inhibited when it comes to 'that' exploration Kunal, or even when I wish to, there are no exploratory devices out

Kunal said...

Everyone has exploratory devices... 'mind and heart'! Are there any better exploratory devices?

Kalyan said...

lovely poignant lines...nicely crafted words!

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